Friday, 19 November 2010

Obesity Gene: Fact of Fiction?

Once again, it has been said that there is an obesity gene which makes some people want to eat more and makes some people fat.

This is a controversial subject which has been raised many times, not least because if it is indeed fact then more work needs to be done in this field AND if it is not proven, conclusively, many people may simply capitulate, give up, thinking it is their fate and destiny to be fat, obese and overweight, thus making no changes to their lifestyle or diet/exercise and potentially harming themselves in the process, stacking up lots of very serious health problems (and even shortened lifespans).

Is it fact or fiction? What do you think?  At The European Weight Loss Centre Ltd (EWLC), we remain impartial as there are so many scientific and anecdotal conflicting views. It would be nice if we could blame it simply on a gene, but what about those who don't have 'the gene' (if it truly exists) and are obese because of their lifestyle choices?  Have a look at this article: